Tohatsu Outboard FAQ's

Q1. Tohatsu Warranty Against Defect 

       What is not included under Limited Warranty

       TOHATSU - Plus 24 Month Warranty Offer

a  Refer attached PDF at bottom of this  page.

Q2. Service Intervals Warranty Book Guide

a Refer attached PDF at bottom of this page.

Q3. Required Maintenance and Operating Instructions 

a Refer attached PDF at bottom of this page.

Q4. What Size Propeller Should i use

a  Refer Propeller Guide under Accessories>Propellers or tab on this link:

Q5. What is the Ratio of Oil and Fuel that i need to mix for my Tohatsu 2-Stroke (pre-mix) Outboard

a With the exception of our outboards which have oil injection systems, Tohatsu 2-stroke require 50:1 oil and fuel mix after break in period. Refer Owners manual for for break-in oil mix procedure.

Q6. Can i use any kind of oil in my Tohatsu 2-stroke Outboard

a With Tohatsu 2-stroke *(NOT TLDI ENGINES) , use only 2-cycle outboard oil with an NMMA certified rating of TCW3. (refer Owners Manual).

  * TLDI Direct Injection Outboards must ude Specific 2-stroke oils, refer front of Warranty Book Supplied with Outboard for approved products. 

Q7 How can i tell what shaft length my outboard needs to be

a Refer attached PDF at bottom of this page.