Do you need a little more power behind your touring tinny. A lot of us are traveling to destinations in the northern parts of our country where tidal flows and river systems are vast, fast and at times challenging.
Some times we have to compromise with weight, boat, outboard and caravan / trailer to make it all work. Tohatsu offer 2 units with a bonus power to weight ratio that only a Two stroke can. The M9.8BS gives you 7.2 kw's of power in a 27 kg package. The M18E2S gives you 13.2kw compared to the 15 hp at 11kw both at 41kg.
One Australia icon, the legend Ben Cropp know's all about Tohatsu quality and power having used the M18E2 and many others in the 2-Strokes range. Operating in some of our most remote destinations these days Ben is taking it a little easier but still keeps his Tohatsu and his other best mate close at hand.
Tohatsu Dealers have good stock of models noted and others in the 2-stroke range. Get in quick while stocks last.